What Are The Risk Factors Of Infertility In Humans?

Infertility is the physiological condition when the body fails to reproduce the young ones and complete a full cycle of pregnancy. Many couples go through emotional trauma due to the inability to bear a child. However, if one can take care of the essential risk factors, then they can lower the chances of infertility in their lives. Few such risk factors of infertility in humans are:


Both men and women experience a decline in their fertility levels after a certain period. Menopause starts post the age of mid-30s in women. As age increases, the quality and the numbers of eggs start decreasing in females. Over the age of 40 years, men also tend to lose their sperm count.

Prolonged Use of Tobacco and Alcohol

Continued use of tobacco and alcohol lowers the sperm count in men. Women who take drugs regularly often suffer frequent miscarriages. Excessive tobacco and alcohol abuse cause sterility in both men and women.

Body Weight

An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to gain or loss of excess body weight. In both cases, the person suffers from many health problems. The testosterone and sperm count decrease excessively in men who have obesity. Women suffering from bulimia or anorexia also suffer fertility issues.


In many cases, people become obsessed with exercise. Long periods of exercise may be strenuous to one’s body and the internal organs. It can have adverse effects on the ovulatory period in many women. As a result of this, many women tend to suffer from irregular patterns of menstrual cycles.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, Pelvic inflammatory diseases, etc. can affect fertility in men. If not treated at the right moment, these diseases can lead to the development of disability and sterility in men.

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