Is It Safe to Use Adrafinil Every Day?

Are you looking to add Adrafinil to your everyday stack? If so, you might be wondering whether it is safe to take Adrafinil every day. The drug is metabolized in the liver and converted into Modafinil. But, while Modafinil may be safe and effective when retained in your stack for a long time, Adrafinil comes with an extra burden on the liver. This makes it unsafe to use the drug every day.

Adrafinil is a chemical that promotes wakefulness, increases alertness and focus, as well as enhances memory during its duration. It requires a couple of passes through the liver enzymes before being effective. This is the main sticking point and property of the drug that discourages people from taking Adrafinil on a daily basis.

Adrafinil and the Liver                                                                                                  

Regular Adrafinil use can elevate some liver enzymes. Adrafinil is a Modafinil prodrug. This means that the former should be converted to Modafinil before the latter converts into the metabolites that offer nootropic effects. When it is ingested, Adrafinil remains there for a while. Although the liver can regenerate on its own after minor damage, when such damages are repeated without time to repair, they can become permanent. The longer the drug is used, the more such enzymes will be induced and the more the liver will be stressed. Getting a long-term stack with the drug will damage the liver by causing the enzyme levels to go out of control.

Users may use Adrafinil capsules from Zach Attack Supplements every day for two weeks without damaging the liver. However, prolonged use won’t be good for the body. It is important to keep in mind that long-term liver scarring can result in cirrhosis and acute liver failures. But, these are things that are very unlikely to be experienced when taking Adrafinil.

Adrafinil Stack Rotation

When it comes to how and when to rotate Adrafinil into and out of your stack, there is really no particular approach to use. Some experts recommend three separate stacking approaches for the drug to have options calibrated to your certain risk tolerance. The first approach involves using the drug on consecutive days for not longer than one week at a time, then taking two or three weeks off. The second is about using Adrofinil for not longer than one month, then taking three months off. The last approach is dosing Adrafinil consecutively for as long as you want, given that you get regular liver enzyme panels and you ask a doctor for correct interpretation.